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Mobile apps Sydney

iPhone development and iPad application development
Apple has developed a unique position in today’s mobile market with numerous innovative applications that penetrate every corner of life. With iOS platform, Apple and its store are actively changing and dominating life of mobility. Intergritas web design has been developing iPhone and iPad applications for both individuals and enterprises worldwide, adding up our portfolio day by day with successfully completed applications. Intergritas web design is always committed to providing the most competitive prices for quality application development services.

Windows Mobile Application Development at Integritas Web Design
Sharing the same platform – Microsoft windows, Window Mobile enjoys high degree of compatibility with desktop PC. This also makes it easier for mobile users to operate their window based mobiles. Though not as strong as iOS or Adroid, Windows mobile has its own advantages and still make a considerable mobile market share. Intergritas web design team provides robust, secure and high performance Windows mobile applications with very rapid development. This may give you clear competitive edge over your business rivals.

Android: The mobile OS of future
During the past decade, there’s no hotter issue in mobile technology than Android, the new mobile platform developed by Google and designed to become open source mobile OS. Today, Android platform is becoming more and more powerful, and undoubtedly heading for a brilliant future. Intergritas web design has expert Android apps development team, making use of the Android SDK platform. With more than 6 years of experience in Java development, our team has gained lots of credit and trust from our clients regarding Android development service.

BlackBerry application development
Though not as popular and demanding like a couple of years ago, BlackBerry platforms still have a relatively firm stand in mobile market, especially among loyal users. Intergritas web design also possesses a strong dedicated team for studying and developing BlackBerry apps. These two established name will not easily fade away, at least in the next several decades.
HTML5, Mobile Web development
Together with the outbreak of smart-phone market, mobile web development has become a growing demand, especially for offshore development. Intergritas web design is fully confident in mobile web development with dozens of successfully completed projects. Our mobile web development service is always highly appreciated and welcome by customers both in terms of graphics and functionalities.